Newsletter Dec 2013

We have not felt it necessary since the AGM to write to you as the management committee have simply been working behind the scenes doing normal things to manage our asset.

As we reach the end of the year it is now appropriate to bring you up to speed on what has happened during the rest of the year.

Starting with the fabric of the building, the issues that we had with the kitchen extractor fan flue have now been laid to rest with the pipework now painted the colour approved by the planning authority. We also want to pave the area outside the toilet to make access easier and to drain away surface water. This work needs planning permission and we have just received confirmation that the planning application we submitted has now been approved and therefore work can start in the New Year.

Also, we have received an inspection from the fire safety officer who has changed since the last inspection. Following his inspection the new officer asked for the fire detection system to be extended into the empty store, the works for which have now been completed. So, we have had to deal with a couple of things regarding the building which are not unusual in managing an asset like ours and there is nothing that we can see that will give us cause for concern in the future.

On to the social activities front, following last year’s high speed crash the CCP bed race team had hung up its boots in order not to hurt ourselves or our pride any further. However, following a management committee meeting and a few drinks down the pub Jenny managed to twist our arms and we staged a come-back to enter this year’s race. The event was a slightly more sedate affair with each team being given a standard trolley to push. Following much huffing and puffing from Basher, Mike and Kevin pushing with Jenny getting the easy ride in the trolley we came a credible third place. Thankfully our speed this year remained sub-sonic!

We should not forget that the event raises funds for the Coverdale defibrillators, which is an excellent facility for us all.

As the festive season is only round the corner Kimberley and Allan have put together a lovely plan of Christmas events for all the family to enjoy. You can keep abreast of what is planned by looking at the pub website,, now and throughout the year.

The CCP membership remains strong with a waiting list of people wishing to join and the pub has had a good year serving Coverdale and beyond.

All it then leaves us to do is to wish you and your families all the best for the festive period and to hope that we can share in a pint at the pub sometime soon.

Coverdale Community Pub Ltd Management Committee