Newsletter July 2015

New era at the Foresters Arms!

We told you in the last newsletter that Lesley and Keith Sharpe had agreed to become our new tenants at the Foresters, we are delighted to tell you now that the new era has started as from 27th July 2015, as they are in and running the pub and we wish them every success in their new life at the Foresters Arms. We asked them to contribute a little something for the newsletter and this is what they had to say:

Keith and Lesley Sharpe, an introduction:

“It is with great pleasure, that as your new tenants, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Keith and Lesley, and we come to the Foresters with over 5 years’ experience in the licencing trade. Previous to this we were in the retail industry, running our own home and gift store in the North East, and prior to that we were both Sales Managers, Keith in mobile communications, and Lesley in waste management. So we have a diverse background.

We are from Durham, but have been in Yorkshire for about five years. We are excited about taking over the running of such a beautiful pub. Following Kimberly and Allan will not be easy, as they have done a fantastic job. However we are looking forward to putting our own stamp on the place. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Any changes that we do make will be gradual and subtle, so the dynamics of The Foresters Arms will remain.

Newsletter May 2015

Happy Start of Summer!

It does not seem two minutes since we were wishing you all Happy New Year and now with the cricket starting at Lords this week we usher in what hopefully will be a glorious summer. Over the last four months the committee have been busy working on your behalf to find some new tenants to take over the pub. You would have thought that this would have been easy! Well we underestimated the work it would take.

The economic climate has changed greatly in the four years since we last tried to recruit and the number of people showing interest in our type of venture appeared to have dwindled. We have run a significant advertising campaign and have sent information to hundreds of pub landlords to make people aware of the opportunity that we have to offer.

After a very poor start, thankfully our efforts paid off and over 25 people from around the area and as far as the Isle of Skye showed interest. Showing interest is one thing, but then translating that into actual applications is another. After speaking to people and sending them detailed information we received applications from seven candidates who were shortlisted to four, all of whom we asked to develop full business plans so that we could see how they would manage the business, and most importantly, run the Foresters as we would like it to be run.

Newsletter January 2015

Happy New Year!

May we be the last to wish you and your families a Happy New Year. Under normal circumstances there would be no need for us to contact you at this time of the year as business normally ticks over with our pub as we all settle into January, with the only real thing on the horizon being the need for the male contingent to remember to book a table and rose for the valentines evening!

However, we have some significant news about something that has emerged last week that we need to share with you and therefore in writing this newsletter we also thought we would take the opportunity to bring you up to date with the position of our membership.

At Christmas we reflected on how quickly four years had passed and that it did not seem two minutes since we were all lobbying the National Parks authority to overturn the planning application to save the building, to then doing all of the renovation and recruiting Kimberley and Allan and their family as the tenants of our new venture.