Newsletter No.4 - June 2011

Firstly we would like to thank all of those of you who were able to take the time last week to join us at the public meeting. We think that it was a great success, in no small part down to the positive attitude of everyone who attended and the re- affirmation of your support to buy and re-open the Foresters Arms.

Secondly a massive thank you to all of you who have turned your pledge into real support by applying for shares. We have had a fantastic response and after the first week we have £105,000 in the bank.

Newsletter No.3 - June 2011

We wrote to you recently, following the National Park committee meeting held on the 12th April at which the planning permission to change the use of part of the pub was overturned. We thought that was a red letter day in our campaign, however, we now have even better news to share with you.

We are pleased to announce that we have had our offer accepted to purchase the pub.

With this, everything is beginning to fall into place.  As we outlined in our last newsletter a lot of work has been underway to make sure that we are as prepared as we can be to complete the purchase.  The application to the FSA for the Coverdale Community Pub Co-operative has been completed and the organisation is now in place.

Newsletter No 2 - April 2011

Today, 12th April, 2011, is a red letter day in our campaign to purchase and re-open the Foresters Arms for two good reasons;

Firstly, in the four weeks that we have been campaigning, through your generosity, we have received pledges to the sum of £157,500, which is a fantastic start. The management committee wish to thank everyone that has shown an interest and got behind our community project with so much generosity. We cannot thank you enough as this has proved that there is the will within our community to make this idea happen and it reinforces the management committee’s raison d’etre to carry on with the campaign.