Newsletter No 1 - March 2011

The pub is many things not just great local food and drink, but also the heart of the village and Dale with other activities it serves - dominos, darts, walkers, campers, village activities, refreshing drinks before the fish ‘n ‘ chippy van arrives (Thursdays 7pm!), meeting place, relaxing place, fun place, possible local shop ( as Hudswell’s ). Who knows we could reintroduce many other games -- Aunt Sally/Bar billiards/ Devil among the tailors/Pitch penny/Ringing the bull/Shove ha'penny/Toad in the hole and the very popular Yard of ale!

Since the meeting a group of willing volunteers have formed a management committee, chaired by Raymond Brown and we are now seeking to make everyone in the Dale aware of what we intend to do and to make it clear how you, as part of the community, can help and join in.

Ensuring the long term security of the pub is best achieved by the community and supporters of The Foresters Arms owning the building so that we would have the ultimate say in what happens to it in the future.